Tailored Learning

The other day I was talking to my friends about how they learn best. I was telling them that if I read something I will probably forget it within days, but what I found out in University was, that if I sit and listen to a lecturer speak in a normal pace (not slowly! if they speak slowly I lose my train of thought) I come out of the lecture remembering almost all of the material for several months. One of my friends said he doesn’t follow a lecture and must sit and read the material on his own. Another said she only learns and focuses when there are visual things she can look at like a video or a power point presentation. This got me thinking about how differently we all learn, and how important it is to teach each person with the means that suits him or her. Having technological devices inside the classroom is the first step in tCaptureailoring the learning experience that best suits each individual student. A student that needs a lecture can listen to a lecture, a student that needs to read on his own can read on his own, and a student that needs to see a video can watch a video. Some study best my teaching, they can teach the student that learns best by hearing a lecture!

This opens up the world of education, which let’s face it is not the most innovative world at the moment, to new and exciting places! Where kids can find for themselves how they learn best and implement what they learn. Knowing how to learn is maybe one of the most important things in today’s world. Information is not hard to find, it’s a click a way at any moment, but knowing yourself and knowing how you learn best is the key to success!

That’s why I think technology in the classroom can be extremely beneficial to the learning environment and to becoming more insightful.