Radix Launches New Hybrid E-MDM Classroom Management Teacher Console

The Teachers’ E-MDM Web Console for Classroom Management

Visitors to BETT 2016 will be able to experience the latest offering from Radix – the E-MDM, merging the advanced web-based ability of MDM with the unique SmartClass pedagogic advantage.

Educators in over 50 countries, are already familiar with the capabilities of the award-winning SmartClass for Android and Windows classrooms. SmartClass enriches the learning experience and facilitates effective monitoring and control of student activities.

For administrators, MDM provides a centralized web-based mobile device management platform. From here they centrally manage and support unlimited numbers of devices, within and beyond their network boundaries.

Now, Radix has combined these two powerful solutions to create E-MDM, an exclusively teacher-driven interface. Ideal for iOS classrooms and more, handpicked SmartClass features are presented as a web-based console.

Michael Shoham, Radix Technical Director explained the concept behind the new offering: “The MDM web-based console for mobile device management has always provided a valuable tool for administrative staff. But it quickly emerged there was a clear advantage for educators. This motivated us to streamline the solution, making it more intuitive and relevant to day-to-day classroom needs.  While teachers don’t require the more admin tools like mass deployment or alerts, the rich hands-on classroom features such as device lockdown or predefined policy rules are essential for driving learning. ”

All processes have been simplified with the console layout, buttons, alerts and capabilities designed for maximum convenience, to ensure the focus stays on education. The MDM Kiosk mode makes every device purely mission-oriented, ensuring students stay on-task with all distractions eliminated. Teachers can lock/unlock devices, select what apps run, what websites are blocked and can even change the way the screen appears just for the purposes of that learning task.

Centralized and remote control of multiple devices is further expedited using Radix advanced group filters technology, clustering  devices according to any predefined definition such as location, subject, time-periods or teacher. Entirely web-based E-MDM can be run from anywhere and fully integrates with Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Google Classroom to create an interactive classroom hub. This incorporates a wealth of additional benefits, from providing lists of attendees and policy-approved applications to streamlining shared documentations, reports and assignments.

About Radix

Since 2001, Radix has developed software solutions that efficiently utilize years of experience in computer engineering technology. The company has quickly become a recognized world leader and developer of premier software solutions such as Screen casting, video broadcasting, mobile device protection, centralized management systems and peer-to-peer mobile device communication and control.


Radix Ltd. will be presenting at BETT 2016. Visitors to booth B148 can directly experience the new, highly advanced E-MDM.


To schedule with Radix at Bett please contact Radix @ info@radix-int.com


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