Device Management specialists invite Govts to collaborate

London, UK – Tel Aviv based Radix Technologies is inviting governments interested in most effectively managing their digital classrooms to reach out, whether in person at BETT or online. Radix has multiple successful deployments worldwide, in collaboration with local partners and Ministries. The company invites you to meet at BETT and understand how Radix can replicate their device management global success in your region, as well as share key lessons learnt in mass device management, deployment, and digital teaching strategies. Michael Shoham Global VP says, “The future of learning data will be so transversal that LMS’s or content management alone won’t cut it. At Radix we take the role of aggregating data with third party software and hardware solutions one step further, providing a full spectrum of learning data that enables informed decision making.” Radix is active in countries across Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia, with very large projects in Nigeria, Colombia, South Africa and Thailand. The launch of new products and integration of the award winning “SmartClass” with an education focused “Viso MDM” proves for a solid tool with negligible associated training expenses. Success stories throughout Africa, Asia and LATAM demonstrate the significant impact Radix technology can have on the leapfrog generation and government efforts to bridge the equality gap in education. Flourishing in the digital era requires powerful collaborations with experienced partners. You can’t afford not to learn from Radix.

About Radix

Radix Technologies has offices in Santiago, Chile and headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company specializes in instructional technology and Device Management for the education sector, with more than 18 years’ experience in collaborating with governments worldwide. Radix has proven capabilities with mass deployments and full-fledged functionality in extreme infrastructure settings that still achieve minimal obstacles and response times. For more information, please visit


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