Radix SapphireCast™ Screencast Engine for Android

Introducing Radix SapphireCast™ state of the art screen cast engine.

Radix is proud to introduce SapphireCast™, a new platform engine for Android and Windows screen casting. Radix SapphireCast™ enables a full screen that’s faithful to the original, with real-time screen broadcasting, control and view.

Radix SapphireCastTM

Cast/Control/View Combinations

SapphireCast™ platform enables any of the following combinations:
  • One-to-one: One device screen broadcast to one receiver
  • One-to-many: One device screen cast to multiple receivers
  • Many-to-one: Multiple devices screen cast to one receiver or more
  • Remote control: Full 1:1 remote control along side or instead of the controlled interface
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Netwtheorking – SapphireCast™ Wi-Fi Advantage

Radix SapphireCast™ was designed to meet the most demanding requirements of extreme network infrastructure conditions:

  • Low latency: Radix SapphireCast™ has balanced bandwidth consumption and precision image control, allowing a smooth, fast and steady stream from Android or Windows sources, even to multiple receivers simultaneously
  • Peer-to-peer: No middleware server or hardware required
  • Screen broadcast and remote control over Wi-Fi networks (Android and Windows)
  • Works remotely over the web for browser based remote control and casting receiver.
  • No ADB USB connection required


Fully-featured SDK

Radix provides a fully functional SDK for SapphireCast™ screencast capabilities. With Radix SDK and API set, you can integrate the SapphireCast™ with your application and even embed the SapphireCast™ screen cast receiver in your hardware (i.e. tablet, laptop, interactive TV, overhead projector, etc.).

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Use Case Scenarios

  • Education and conference
  • Medical
  • Home theater
  • Digital sinage
  • Military and homeland security