Plan ahead your technology implementation

Edudemic has a wide range of great articles about the connection between education and technology. I recently read this article which I highly recommend you all to read. I especially liked the second point of not introducing technology to the classroom just for the sake of using it, but actually plan ahead how it should be implemented in a way that will enhance the learning experience and the learning process in a way that will make the lives of teachers and students easier rather than more difficult.

This is where Radix SmartClass and MDM can be extremely useful. Instead of throwing money on shiny i-pads schools and districts should plan ahead. They should think of the entire package of the technology, not just the devices. They should plan which classroom management software teachers will use during lesson time (Radix SmartClass obviously!), which MDM platform administrators will use to manage the devices remotely etc. and with that in mind choose the correct device which will suit their needs and their budget of course.