Outstanding screen streaming achievement at Bett. Again.

We are back from another very successful Bett show in London, we will post a Bett report very soon, but we wanted to share some more about the wonders of screen streaming in impossible wireless conditions.

Bett 2016

Every year the most troubling question we have when preparing our stand for Bett is “what will be the wireless networks situation when the show begins???” I’m sure you can imagine that the answer is “worse every year!”

Radix SmartClass classroom management software main functionality is around our award winning screen sharing, screen casting and remote screen control abilities across OS and devices. It is difficult to achieve quality streaming in a controlled laboratory condition and environment, so being able to perform steady, fast and quality streaming when literally hundreds of wireless networks are fighting over several channels is nearly impossible.

Well, we’re proud to say that we did it again. We were the only ones streaming live screens between multiple devices, in real time, ¬†high quality and with minimal latency. While companies around us were struggling to simply connect devices using WiFi to browse static websites, we managed to stream screens!

This really shows our power and capabilities, just imagine what our SapphireCast streaming engine can add to your environment.

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radix @ bett 2016

radix @ bett 2016

radix @ bett 2016

radix @ Bett 2016

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