Open collaborative, interactive whiteboard

The Radix SmartClass interactive and collaborative whiteboard is a highly advanced, virtual feature that allows teachers to demonstrate teaching material visually to students, allowing collaboration between teacher and student, as well as between students.
The tool can be used on a plain whiteboard where teachers can also import images such as the human body, data graphs etc. Additionally teachers can use the whiteboard tool after broadcasting their own screen onto the student devices, enabling annotations on any webpage, application, PDF file etc.

The Collaborative Whiteboard allows visual explanations and is most useful in mathematics and science classes. Here studies have shown that students find some more abstract concepts difficult to understand. Visualization has proven extremely helpful in the learning experience. The collaborative whiteboard feature contains an impressive range of colors for drawing, writing, making shapes and arrows or setting as a background, keeping students focused and engaged. If a teacher makes a mistake, he can easily undo any action or delete objects.

The Radix SmartClass interactive and collaborative whiteboard allows any student chosen by the teacher to add shapes, drawings or text onto the whiteboard simultaneously. This way, students participate in the learning process, allowing them to write their ideas during brainstorming fill in blanks and demonstrate their knowledge to the teacher and their classmates.

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