VISO – workflow repository


Combining several actions and commands together may save you time and allow multiple actions in one task instead of applying each command one by one.

Note! This method can also be applied to a newly enrolled device for quick “onboarding”

Creating a new workflow

Open the “workflow” repository item



Click the “+” button to add a new workflow


Name the workflow and give it a description. In the description write the different actions and steps that the policy contains.

Add a workflow step (item)

Click on the + button and select an action from the list


In this example we selected the “Install Package” repository, so all packages on the repository show up. You may select existing packages or add new as explained here

Select a package and click “add” to add it to the sequence. You may add several packages then click the “close” button to close the packages repository screen. Notice the message on the bottom right side indicating that the item was added.

Repeat the “add commands to workflow” with all desired commands.


We now have a workflow with several packages, a timeout and settings bundle.


Workflow steps configuration

workflow-stop-pause Do not wait for this step, all these type of steps can even happen simultaneously if the general que is not busy or the device can handle it.
workflow-wait Wait for this step to finish before proceeding to the next step.  This step can fail or succeed and flow will continue
workflow-stop Wait for this step to finish successfully before proceeding to the next step.  If this step fail flow will not continue
workflow-edit-delete Edit or delete the workflow step
workflow-up-down Send the workflow item step sequence up and down – before or after the current location.