VISO – setting up a master device


Installing applications directly from the Google Play Store to one or many devices is done by first creating a repository “installation package”. Direct installation is possible only for free apps. There is no need to have the Google play services or even to have a google account on the devices you wish to install the apps to.

In order to be able to retrieve the right installation package from the Play Store, the “device” that retrieves the APK must have as close (and in some cases identical) to the platform preconditions of the rest of the target devices. For example, it you have 200 Samsung Galaxy devices with x86 CPU, apps from the play store that depends on the CPU type (like our SmartClass), must install the relevant x86 APK and therefore the Play Store entry will have 2 options that are transparent to the user installing it, but when the user installs the app, the device local play app will choose the relevant apk automatically. Same thing about the Android OS versions dependencies, if your master device is Android 6 and the target devices are Android 4.44, there are apps that have different internal versions for different OS platforms.

This is why we allow you to set your own “Master Devices”. You can set more than one master device according to your needs.

The master device will not be “dedicated” to being a master device, it is just a logical connection with the Play Store.

Preparing the master device

Chose one of your devices that resembles the rest of the target devices.

Set a Google account (can be specially registered for this task, does not have to be one of your existing accounts). Make sure this account does not have 2 forms of identifications but rather only a password.

Enroll the device to the Viso platform normally and copy the device ID as displayed in the console.

Setting the “Master Device” on the Viso platform

Open the “Domain Settings”


Click the “+” button to add a new master device

1. Add the Google account of the master device and open the playstore app once

2. Enter the device ID of the master account (as appears on the device dashboard).

Once you enter the device ID, the system will pull the unique Device Android ID automatically as collected by the Viso agent when the device enrolled.


Confirm to save the new “Master Device”