VISO – remote screen view and control


Remote control is a most powerful function that makes remote assistance easy and effective.

Navigate to the device you want to remote control and click the remote button on the right side action buttons. A popup window will appear with a blue background until the remote session starts.

Note! If you have a popup blocker installed, it may block the remote control popup screen.


When the remote session starts, the device desktop will appear, allowing you to remotely view and control the device. Controlling or viewing a device is according to the supported device requirement list found below.



Requesting user confirmation

In order to request user confirmation for remote control session:

  • Navigate to the domain settings menu option
  • Set: Require users permission for remote control  Yes/No

Now any time you start a remote control session, users will be prompt to confirm a remote session

Supported environments and conditions


  • Remote view and control all devices.


  • User permissions – Remote view only
  • System permissions – Remote view and control
  • Root permissions – Remote view and control
  • Samsung Knox permissions – Remote view and control
  • Sony permissions – Remote view and control (requires user confirmation)


  • Remote view only


  • No remote screen activity supported