VISO – register a new account


Registering a new account and start connecting devices is a simple process.

Before we start, it is important to understand the terminology used by Radix Viso MDM and explain the different fields, roles and concepts.

Domain:  also known as the Account. This is your actual account name and will follow you everywhere, when you login, create users, connect devices and such. A domain can be any text that the server will respond as legal or available during registration.

Server: The address of the server is maid of main domain and subdomain: where the mdm can appear under different names. When signing in to the console, the address should also contain: /glbth/v1/ but when connecting a device, make sure you leave the server address as default, as so:

User: The user is the entity that manages devices. The format of a user will always be xxxx@your-domain , xxxx being the user and your-domain is the account name you enrolled.  The default user name will be:   admin@your-domain and cannot be changed.Each user can be assigned with

Register a new account

Navigate to the registration page here and fill in the details as explained above.

Once done you should receive an email containing an account activation link. Make sure you click to activate the account.


Sign in to your account

Navigate to the Viso console page here and enter all details as registered. Remember, the username format is admin@may-domain (no extra suffixes such as .com)