VISO – manage groups and filters


Grouping and filtering devices is a very useful method of managing a large number of devices with different locations and purpose. A group contains devices that are dynamically filtered by different criteria.

The “All” group is a master group containing all the devices enrolled to the domain and that are allowed to be viewed by the logged on user. There is no limit to the number of groups you can create in an account and a device may be a member of more than one group. If a device falls under a filter criteria it will immediately appear in a group and be applied with all rules and tasks relevant to the group.

In this case, the filter group called “teachers” filters all devices containing a tag called “teachers” and set with a stand out color and icon that represents the group, standing out for easy eyesight searching


Listing all devices containing the tag “teachers” in “Teachers” group


Filter conditions

There are currently 12 conditions that you can use to filter devices

  1. Tag – Text tags that can be applied to a device (either agent or server side) and can describe the essence of the device.
  2. Installed apps – According to an installed app (app label or app package name)
  3. WiFi name – WiFi SSID that the device is currently connected to
  4. Email – Main device account
  5. Model
  6. Permissions – What OS permission is available:
    • Root
    • System
    • Limited privilege
    • Sony
    • Knox (Samsung)
  7. Last seen – The last time a device was seen connected and online
  8. Is locked – According to the Antitheft lock status of the device
  9. Policy – Policy that is applied on the device
  10. Available internal storage – The amount of available space in MB
  11. OS version – Operating system version (number)
  12. Hardware ID – The internal hardware ID, typically represented by the MAC address

Filter criteria

A group can be filtered by meeting the above conditions and also be different filtering criteria.

  • Is
  • Starts with
  • Ends with
  • Contains
  • Regex
  • Inverse

And also combining several “groups” of criteria separated by “And” or “Or” operators.

For example

Some devices contain the tag “Class_A”. Some devices contain the tag “Class_B”, and some more contain both of the tags.

Option A: Can create a group to filter all devices that has Class_A.
Option B: Can create a group to filter all devices that has Class_B.
Option C: Can create a group to filter all devices that has Class_B or Class_A.
Option D: Can create a group to filter all devices that has Class_B and Class_A.

One can assign some conditions with “And” or “Or” operators.
Also, one can create group of conditions and put it in “Or” or “And” condition to another group.

In that case, the group named “Group 1” will contain all devices that :

1. Has tag “Class_A” and Chrome software is installed.


2. Has tag “Class_B” and Gmail software is installed.