VISO – install package directly from Google Play Store


Installing applications directly from the Google Play Store to one or many devices is done by first creating a repository “installation package”. Direct installation is possible only for free apps. There is no need to have the Google play services or even to have a google account on the devices you wish to install the apps to.

Note! When installing from the Play Store you should be aware that the updates will not occur automatically whenever there is an update, you will need to repeat the process and create a new package, as you are not actually installing directly from the Play Store but rather from the Viso server.

Open the repositories and click the “Packages” section. A list of existing packages will be displayed.


Click “Add New” to add a new package.

Select “Package from Play store” and click to open the play store website (If you know the exact name of the APK bundle there is no need to open the Play store)


Select the relevant “Master Device”, use the default ARM or x86 device if the application you are installing is platform version and dependencies agnostic. Read more on how and why set a master device here


Search the Play store for the desired app and make sure it is free. Copy the URL of the app.


Paste the URL in the Play store package name field. Note, the system will automatically trim the link and use only the relevant package name of the APK.

Select the “master device” that resembles the target devices (ARM devices, x86 devices or a custom device you can add on the “domain settings”). The reason is that some apps install different APK for different platforms.

Click the “upload” button and the system will retrieve the package from the Play Store and store it on the server.


If the upload fails, try to repeat the process once or twice. If it still fails, try to change the master device.  If the upload still fails, this package may not be suitable for direct install.

When the progress bar finishes, the package is ready with a default name as retrieved from the Play store. You may change the displayed name and description.

Click “confirm” and the package will be ready for installation.


In order to install the package see the “Apply commands and operations on devices” guide