VISO – execute commands


If you need to execute a more advanced command or a script, or even apply commands that are not currently available on the Viso interface, using the Remote Execute commands repository is the best answer.

This works for Android and Windows.

Creating a new command

Note! You may run the commands with high local device privileges, so please use this only if you are familiar with writing batches and scripts and you know what you are doing.

Open the repositories and click the “Remote Exec” section. A list of existing commands bundles will be displayed.


Click the “+” to add a new command and set a name to the new command


Creating a new command consists can be done in several levels with different outcome.

Command – This is where you write the main command

Arguments – This is where you write the command arguments

Wait for exit – Will indicate if the command result should be sent after the command finishes to run on the remote device or not

Collect output – This will indicate if the process standard result output is collected back as part of the command result

Run with high privileges – Run the command with higher local device privileges



Android command examples

What will it do? Command Arguments Wait Collect Priv
1 Disable the Play Store pm  disable ×  × ×
2 Get a list of running apps and display result top  -n 1 × × ×
3 Open a website using default browser am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d × × ×
4 Run the calculator  start –user 0 -n

Result example

Result example for item # 2

Open the command results, navigate to your command and click the “!” for result info