VISO – commands history


After applying commands to devices, groups or creating a triggered command, you may want to query command result and perhaps manage the ongoing commands.

Open the “Commands” on the left and you will be presented with command history summary. You may sort and search results by any column.


By clicking any line (Command) you can see more in-depth information about the command itself. In this case, the command to send a message was delivered successfully to all (was only one) devices.


In this case, the command to install a new package was delivered successfully to 7 devices out of 14 devices in total. If you set the mouse over the failed command, it will prompt with the failure reason. In this case the indication is that the current installed version is already higher than the attempted one.


You may always stop, start, edit, resend or delete any commands.

Note! ReSend command to failed devices is particularly useful and saves much time.