VISO – apply commands and operations on devices


One of the main purpose of a device management platform is to apply commands and operate the devices. Applying commands to devices can be done on a single device, a group of devices, selected devices or all the devices on your account at once.


Applying commands to a single device

Applying commands to a single device is done on the device control panel. Open the device you would like to apply the task and navigate the right “command” column to apply the desired task. When working on a single device, all commands are immediate and can not be scheduled. There are some tasks that are unique to a 1 to 1 operation, such as “Remote control” commands that can only be started from the device control panel



Applying command to a group

Locate the group you would like to apply the task to and click the “Actions” menu represented by the arrow facing down. Select the relevant task from the menu and apply it to the group.



Apply commands to selected devices

Manually selecting devices from the list will activate the “Actions” menu similar to the group “Actions” menu