VISO – adding a new user


In order to delegate rights to different users/managers, you may create new users with different privileges, roles, interface languages and group rights.

Note! This user is an MDM console user and has no relations to the local device user.

Adding a new user

Open the “Users” menu


Click the “+” button to add a new user



By default, any user name will be added with your domain name as a suffix:   user@my_domain and this is the proper name format also when you log on.


This will be used for alerts and messages to the user


Password must be at at least 8 characters with a combination of letters Aa-Zz, numbers and symbols

User type

There are several user types, each representing a different role

Admin@my_domain default users  The default mandatory user found in every account, has all rights
Admin rights Rights for all functions
User rights Rights for all functions but user management
Observer rights Rights to view device locations
Teacher rights Can use the Teacher mode functionality


By setting tags to users, the users are then able to see only devices with correlating tags. The devices must contain all the tags in order for the user to be able to see them.

For example:

If a user is not tagged at all, all devices enrolled are visible.

If the user it tagged with 1234, only devices containing the 1234 tag will be visible.

If the user is tagged with 1234 and abcd, only devices containing both tags will be visible.


Sets the default console interface language for that user