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SmartRecovery – Command Line Tool

SmartRecovery provides you a set of command-line switches to take snapshot, restore system, change the program settings and more with batch files or network scripts.


The following table defines the SmartRecovery command line switches:

Parameter Description How to use Supported Model
–restore Restore the system –restore=baseline/latest Pro, Edu, Lte(only restore to baseline)
–snapshot Take a snapshot Take a snapshot on Pro:
–snapshot=”snapshot name”Take a snapshot on Edu:
Pro, Edu
–baseline Update the baseline –baseline=update
–schedule Set Auto Restore/Manual Restore Manual Restore:
–schedule=disableAuto Restore:
Pro, Edu, Lte
Set the SmartRecovery Admin password –cpass=”password”
Pro, Edu, Lte
–register Register(activate) the SmartRecovery Must include the “–orgname” and the “–serial” parameters. Pro, Edu, Lte
The “Organization name” and the “Serial code” of the license –register –orgname=”Organization name” –serial=”Serial code” Pro, Edu, Lte
–uninstall Uninstall the SmartRecovery Restore to the baseline and uninstall:
–uninstall=baselineRestore to the latest snapshot and uninstall (only on Pro & Edu):

Keep the current state of the system and uninstall:

Pro, Edu, Lte
–warning Set/Get the minimum preset percentage of the alert for the free space of total protected Set to 8%:–warning=8 Pro, Edu
Username (Edu & Lte only “admin”) –username=”admin” Pro, Edu, Lte
Password –password=”password”
Pro, Edu, Lte





Restore to the latest snapshot (username: admin; password:1234):

srcmd.exe –restore=latest –u=admin -p=1234

Take snapshot (Pro version):

srcmd.exe –snapshot=”snapshot name” –u=admin -p=1234

Take snapshot (Edu version):

srcmd.exe –snapshot –u=admin -p=1234

Take snapshot (Edu version) on the next system boot:

srcmd.exe –snapshot –norestart –u=admin -p=1234

Change Admin password:

srcmd.exe –cpass=12345678 –u=admin -p=1234

Set the schedule to “Restore at every restart”:

srcmd.exe –schedule=restart –u=admin -p=1234

Register(activate) the SmartRecovery:

srcmd.exe –register –orgname=”org name” –serial=”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”

Uninstall & keep the current system state:

srcmd.exe –uninstall=current –u=admin -p=1234