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SmartRecovery Auto/Silent Installation


  • There are 2 options to install automatically the SmartRecovery:
  1. By a command line.
  2. By an answer file.


1. Install SmartRecovery automaticly by an answer file:

Create an empty text file and call it setup.cfg.

Edit it (e.g with Windows Notepad) and copy it next to the setup.exe file.


[Startup] ProtectPartition= C:    ;format: c:|d:|e:|…
ReocveryMode  = Auto   ;Auto/No
NewPassword = 12345678 ;0~8 characters

[Register] Org=XXXXXXX


ProtectPartition  – The partitons that will be protected by the SmartRecovery.
ReocveryMode – The SmartRecovery work mode:
Auto – Will restore every restart.
No – Will not restore on every restart.
NewPassword – SmartRecovery manage password.


Org the organization according to the license’s document.

Serial the serial according to the license’s document.


In order to run the setup automatically by the Setup.cfg file:

  1. Save the Setup.cfg next to the Setupxxx.exe.
  2. Run the setupxxx.exe file with “/verysilent” argument
    e.g: setup.exe /verysilent


2. Install SmartRecovery by command line arguments:

You can run the the SmartRecovery setup with arguments which similar to the Setup.cfg values and the arguments /verysilent and  /NoSetupCfg.

E.G – The following parameters will install the SmartRecovery with these settings:

  1. Protect only on C: partition.
  2. Restore at every restart.
  3. SmartRecovery password – 12345678.
  4. Organization Name – “Demo Org”.

setup.exe /verysilent /NoSetupCfg /ProtectPartition=”C:” /newpassword=”12345678″ /reocverymode=Auto /Org=”Demo Org” /Serial=”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”



In order to prevent Restart at the end of the setup you can add the /NoRestart argument.