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Netpoint Manager – Send Config

“Send Config” task allows to update the config.xml or logconf.xml files on agent.


1. The config.xml file

Config.xml is the agent configuration file.

It is located in: C:\Program Files\Radix\Radix Remote Agent .

Example of config.xml file :

Netpoint Manager - Send Config5

Some popular parameters are:

1. ServerUri: contains the server address,tcp port, and connection protocol.

for example:



Protocol is nio.

Adress is

TCP port is 61618



2. DynamicGroup: The dynamic group tag.

Uses when applying dynamic grouping with “Client Category” template.

The client will join the relevant group.

For more information about dynamic grouping click here.



2. Updating config.xml

In order to update the config.xml file:

1. Click on “Tools” –> “Send Config”

(Or click the “Send Config” button)  Netpoint Manager - Send Config1

A window opens.

2. In the “Config text” selection, select “config.xml”.

Netpoint Manager - Send Config2


Now you can edit the custom text and send it to client/s.


Another option is to load an exit file and send it client.

In order to load exist file press the “Open file” Button.


Netpoint Manager - Send Config3

Edit it, if needed, and send it to client/s.


3. In order to apply agent restart after updating the file check the “Restart agent” check box.

Netpoint Manager - Send Config4


Finally, select clients, schedule it if needed and press the “Apply” button.