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Netpoint Manager – Reports


Netpoint Manager gives you to ability to create a wide range of inventory reports. Get all the data you need about your clients by seconds !


To create a report:

Click “Tools” –> “Create report”


1. Create a new report template :

On “Report Wizard” tab , click “New” button .

Click “Edit report” Button .

“Report Creator” window opens.

Type the report name.

Now select the report items for your needs, move them to the right side.

Click “Save as new” button .



To view the report result, Click “Create” button.




2. Create a report from a template :

On “Report Wizard” tab ,click “Load Report” button .

A new window opens.


Notice : There are already built-in custom reports.
For example, the “Clients Groups” report will display the list of all clients and their containing

The built-in reports can’t be edited.


Select the report and click “Load”.



3. Manipulate report result


After creating the report you can make several actions :

1. Print it or Export it to CSV file : press the relevant button .

2. Select clients on “Client explorer” : select from the report result and press “Select clients” button.

3. Remove selected clients from “Client explorer” : select from the report result and press “Remove Selected Clients” button.

4. Add selected clients to a group : select from the report result and press “Add selected to a group” button.

5. View the invert clients list : Press “Invert clients” button.