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Netpoint Manager – Plugins – Reported Events

The Reported Events Plugin allows to get Inventory information from an exist report.

This plugin is a very powerful tool for monitoring the inventory of the computers on network.

The data will be sent to the server, and can also be sent to a mailbox.

A very important feature is sending the data only when changes are found.


For example: You want to get a mail message whenever a new software was installed by a client.
Just create a new custom report, set the relevant parameters in the Reported Events, and you’ll get mail notifications in the relevant events.

To apply Reported events follow the next steps:


1. Build custom report

To learn how to do that click here.

alternatively you can use the built in reports.


2. Set email details 

The system should have email detail in order to send mail.

Click “Tools” –> “Options”

Select the “ReportEventsPI”.

Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Reported Events6

Type in the relevant data:

From mail: the mail sender address.

Host: the mail sender smtp address.

Port: Port number of SMTP server.

Username+Mailpassword : the mail sender credentials.

To mail : The recipient mail address.

Note: The sender and the recipient can be the same mail address.



3. Create the reported event

Click on “View” –> “ReportedEventsPI”

The “ReportedEventsPI” tab opens.

To create a new event click the “New” Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Reported Events2 button.

To delete an exist event select it and click the “Remove” Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Reported Events3 Button.

Fill in the relevant parameters:

Name: Give a name to the event.

Description: put some text to describe the event.

Saved Report: Select from the list the relevant report. If the report was just created use the “Refresh” button to see it in the list.

Custom interval: the interval time for the event notification.

It can be sent only once, or repeat every hour, day, week, month, or by custom time interval.

Send Mail: check it if you want to receive the data also in email.

Send only when changes are found: Check it if if you want to receive only the changes.

If it isn’t checked the whole data will be sent at every time interval.

Here is a screenshot fixed for our example:

Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Reported Events4


Click the “Save” button to save and apply.


4. View the results

The results can be seen in 2 ways:


1. The Reports Browser

Click “View” –> “Reports Browser”

The “Reports Browser” tab opens.

Open the relevant directory.

Locate the event file by its date and time and open it.

Note: For each report there are two file types: HTML and PDF:

Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Reported Events5


2. Email

If you configured your mail correctly, and checked the “Send mail” check box, you will get the events also by email.