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Netpoint Manager – Plugins – Inventory

The Inventory Plugin gives a very detailed information about clients.

It also allows to take actions on client resources.


To open the Inventory plugin :

Click “View” –> “Inventory”

Select a client.

In the open “Inventory” tab you can see the information.

Click on the relevant tab to choose the subject.

To refresh the data click on the refresh button.


Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Inventory1


1. Hardware

Displays Hardware inventory, like Hard Drive model, computer type, Processors Etc .

Note : Hard Drive data can also be viewed on client dashboard, under “Inventory” section.



2. Processes

Displays all processes running in the client.

To kill a process, select it and press the “Stop” button.


Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Inventory2



3. Services

Displays all services configured in client, and their status.

You can take actions on a service by selecting it and pressing the relevant button :

Start, Stop, Suspend, Delete, Resume and Restart.


Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Inventory3


4. General

Displays computer general information.

4 sections : Network, Users, Firewall status, Shared folders list.


5. Windows Updates

Displays list of all installed Windows updates in client.


6. Installed software

Displays list of all installed software in client.