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Netpoint Manager – Plugging – Widgets – Notes

“Notes” gives the ability to write and read comments about clients.


Client notes can be configured by two ways :


1. Configure on agent


On agent computer, edit the file Notes.xml located in :

C:\Program Files\Radix\Radix Remote Agent\plugins\revolutions.plugins.WidgetsPI-X.X.X.X



Put values on “key” and “value” parameters. For example:

Netpoint Manager - Pluging - Widgets - Notes2


After configuring and refreshing the data, the notes can be seen in “Clients” dashboard:


Netpoint Manager - Pluging - Widgets - Notes01



2. Configure on GUI

Click “View” –> “Notes”

Select a client.

Type values in “Subject” and “Body” Fields.

Click on “Save as new” for new note, or “Save changes” for editing an exist note.

In order to remove a note choose it and click on “Remove”.


Netpoint Manager - Pluging - Widgets - Notes3