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Netpoint Manager – Manage access list (ACL)


With Netpoint Manager you can create users and groups and bind them to costum security rules .


For example : If there is a help desk team , you want to grant them access to the system , but only for particular environment , and only for several tasks ( Like : Remote Assistance, Remote installation , Etc ).

To open the ACL tab click  View –>  Show ACL


1)  Create groups and users


To add a group , click the “Add group” button .  In the popup window put the group name . Click the “OK” button .

To add a user , click the “Add user” button .  In the popup window put the username and password. Click the “OK” button .



2)  config user’s Root Group


The user’s Root Group is the limited section of groups and clients that the user can see and work with .

To config Root Group :

Select a client , and in “Root group” select the group name .

Click Apply.




3) config roles

ACL role is a bundle of permissions on the system tasks. You can build roles and bind them to users or to groups.

to create a role :

Click the “Roles” title button.

Put the role name in the blank filed, then click the “Add role” button. the role will be added to list.

Select the role, and in the right pane choose the permissions you want to grant.

Click “Apply changes” button.


4)  Apply ACL roles on clients and groups

Now that we have users and Roles , we can apply a Role to users and/or groups :
Click on “Groups/Users” title button .

To config a group , choose the group name in list and select the role from “Role” list . Press the “Apply” button .

To config a user , choose the user name in list and select the role from “Role” list . Press the “Apply” button .


Note : When config a role to a group , all clients in that group will inherit the group permissions. the permission type is only “Allow” , so there can’t be permissions conflict with the clients permissions.