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Netpoint Manager Installation

Note! If you are not sure about any of the following steps, please contact Radix Support Team


Selecting the Server machine


The server system requirement depends on the number of agents connected to the system. Generally, for up to 500 machines, a simple Core2 Duo with 3GB RAM and 20GB disk space will be sufficient.

Netpoint Manager Server is an “out of the box” appliance, fully equipped with every necessary component to function.
Server installation can be done on a:

  1. Physical PC/Server hardware
  2. Virtual machine
  3. Pre-configured and installed VMware disk appliance


Using the Server installation ISO file

Server installation files are “.iso” packages, download the latest iso file to proceed. In order to install from a CD, burn the ISO file and create a bootable CD-ROM. In order to install on a virtual machine, attach the ISO file to a virtual machine and boot the VM.

The installation process will start automatically.


Step by step Server installation


Click any image to enlarge and follow the step by step installations instructions on the bottom of every screenshot.


Part 1


Part 2