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Netpoint Manager – Execute process


Netpoint Manager allows you to execute process on remote computers.

It can be run with differnet arguments , and can be scheduled .

For example : If there is a script you created , and you want it to run on some clients once a day in a particular hour , you just need to create a new “Execute process” task , fill in the relevant parameters ,and  run it !
The Netpoint Manager will run it every day as you asked .


1) Set the process and it’s arguments

Click Tools–>Execute process ( or just click the “execute process” button ) . A new window will open .

Select the “Execute process” Tab .

Now , fill in the data in the relevant locations :

“Full path” – type in the full path of the process . for example :  C:\scripts\script1.vbs
Note : If you want to run a program that exist in a path known to Windows ( for example c:\windows\system32 ) , you just need to type its name ( for example :calc, notepad etc. )

“Arguments” –

For example , if you want to stop the printer spooler service , you want to run the command :”sc stop spooler” . So , in the “Full path” part type “sc” , and in the “Arguments part type “stop spooler”.


In the next part of the window , you can set some kind of arguments for your needs .

For example , if you want to run the process as a domain administrator ( due permissions issue ) , change the “Run as” options value to “Run as”  , and in “User Details” part fill in the user credentials.