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Netpoint manager – Dynamic grouping


With Dynamic Grouping you can manage group members according to template association .

For example : you can manage group members according to IP range , so you can define your clients in different network areas in different groups .

When applying dynamic grouping on a group , all clients that match the parameters are added to the selected group . there is an option to delete the clients that don’t match ,and in that way to verify that only matched client are in .
There are 5 templates :

1. IP range

2. Client category – relates to the client group tag. It can be configured in the client installation process , or in the client config.xml file .

3. Old client – Clients that are not connected and their last connection was older then the value inputted.

4. Computer name

5. Low space – Clients with disk space lower then the value inputted .



To apply a Dynamic group :


Click “View” –>  “Show dynamic groups”  .     the “Dynamic grouping” tag will open .

Click “New” Button .
Now fill in the appropriate values  :
“Name” – name of the dynamic group.

“Group” -group name (remember to create a group in the client explorer before ,so you can bind it to the dynamic group).

“Template” – choose the template from the combo-box.

“Parameters” -fill in the parameters according to template you choose.

“Remove clients that don’t match the parameters” – check it if you want to verify that only matched clients will be exist in the group (it will remove non-relevant clients).

Now, click on “Apply on all clients” button . The relevant clients will be added to the group in client explorer .


To save a Dynamic group :

“Save” button – Save changes in exist group . Also , if you created a new group it will save it as new .
“Save as new” button -Will save it as new dynamic group .

Edit/Remove a group :

After creating the group , you can edit or remove it by pressing the relevant button ( the buttons are located above the groups list )