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Netpoint Manager – Agent installation


Manual installation

1. Open the installation file.

2. Click “Next”.



3. Select “I accept the agreement” and click next.

Netpoint Manager - Agent installation2


4. Select destination location. Click “Next”.

Netpoint Manager - Agent installation3


5. Set Uri:

There are 2 options:

1. Type the server address and port (by default :61618)

2. Type the URI (consult Appendix A below).

If you don’t have a special URI choose the first option.

Click “Next”.

Netpoint Manager - Agent installation4


6. Grouping tag (optional)

Type the grouping tag of this client (optional).

To learn more about Grouping tag and dynamic groups press here.

Click “Next”.

Netpoint Manager - Agent installation5


7. Export configuration (optional)

If you want to create the config file (confile.ini) press the “Export” button.

The confile.ini file can use in future installations:
When starting the installation (manual or command-line) it will use configurations from the file.
The file should be in same folder of the installation file.

Click “Next”.

Netpoint Manager - Agent installation6


7. Ready to install.

Click “Next”.

Netpoint Manager - Agent installation7



Netpoint Manager - Agent installation8


8. Finish

Click “Finish”

Netpoint Manager - Agent installation10




Command Line installation

You can run the installtion from command line with relevant arguments.

The syntex:

FILENAME [/verysilent] [/seturi=failover:(Protocol://SERVER-IP:PORTNUMBER)] [/setgtag=GROUPTAG]


For example :


c:\Radix_Remote_Agent_Setup.exe /verysilent  /setgtag=ClassD12  /seturi=failover:(nio://


The optional arguments:


Parameter Description
 /seturi= The URI of the server (consult Appendix A below)
/setgtag= The grouping tag of this client.
/noremote Install agent with no VNC server (In case of using an already exist one)
/silent Silent install with error messages.
/verysilent Silent install without error messages.




Appendix A- The URI format

The URI string tells the agent how to connect to the Netpoint server.

The connection can be made by several protocols and ports.

If there are more than one server ,You can configure the agent to connect by a specific order.

Alternatively, in order to make load balance ,configure it to randomize the connection.

By default it is randomized.


The syntex of the URI is :


To use more than one option use the “&” character.


Some examples :


The agent will first try to connect to “server1” in nio, if fails it will try in ssl.



The agent will randomize connection between server1 and server2, and will wait 100 ms between reconnection attempt.


Optional protocols and ports:

nio – 61618

ssl – 443


Tansport options:


Option Name Default Value Description
initialReconnectDelay 10 How long to wait before the first reconnect attempt (in ms)
maxReconnectDelay 30000 The maximum amount of time we ever wait between reconnect attempts (in ms)
maxReconnectAttempts -1 -1 is default and means retry forever, 0 means don’t retry (only try connection once but no retry).
 If set to >0, then this is the maximum number of reconnect attempts before an error is sent back to the client.
randomize true use a random algorithm to choose the the URI to use for reconnect from the list provided