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Failures Radix Protector Instantly Recovers


Analysts indicate that most computer failures are related to operating systems and applications. IT engineers are often required to undo accidental or other errors that cause a system to malfunction.

The following common failures are instantly and automatically recovered by Radix Protector.

  • Program Disruption – Crashed operating systems or Windows Registry (the notorious “blue screen”), unsuccessful software installation, and a host of other “hanging” incidents – including system boot-up failure.
  • Data Loss – Ranging from single file deletion to erased CMOS setup data and hard disk reformat.
  • File Corruption – Damage to data or program files, whether from viruses, power failures, or other mishap.
  • Changed Configuration – Altered system settings or program configurations, damage caused by malicious scripts or worms, illegal program installations, or changes inadvertently made by an inexperienced user.
  • Cluttered Disk Space – Recoverable space taken up by temporary files and remnants of Uninstall programs, resulting in reduced efficiency.
  • Unauthorized Access – illegal program installations by employees or tampering that can wreak havoc on a complex system.
System crashes
Boot Failure
Device driver failure

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