VDI Classroom Management for virtual and thin clients

 Run SmartClass on Virtual Classrooms in Virtual desktop, VDI, Thin Clients and Zero Clients working environments.

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VDI Classroom Management

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) means hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server. Virtualization of the desktop is an attractive choice for educational centers worldwide, who are looking for solutions that offer low TCO (total cost of ownership), together with better management, security and flexibility.

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Radix SmartClass for virtual environment fully integrates and harmonizes with the unique requirements of VDI. Whilst schools see an exciting opportunity to advance ICT capabilities, there are some limitations in VDI environments, such as video (graphic acceleration) and network bandwidth. Radix SmartClass for VDI resolves these challenges, accommodating a variety of VDI platforms to work transparently.

“Who am I?” VDI dilemma

Hosting the operating system on a virtual machine – one central server or server cluster – enables it to be fully duplicated and available on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. The way virtual machines are accessed varies from place to place, ranging from cheaper zero clients, thin clients and terminals, to a remote desktop PC or even mobile devices. Considering this in a typical learning center with several classrooms raises an important question: If a random terminal picks up a random virtual machine, how will they all be grouped in one classroom where the teacher ONLY manages relevant machines without overlap to different classrooms?

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SmartClass VDI “Automated Pairing”

The Radix SmartClass VDI “Automated Pairing” mechanism allows for fast and easy association between the network elements. The system automatically pairs between a virtual machine, the terminal host and the correct classroom, allowing administrators one seeded virtual machine image, while still keeping a strict differentiation between the physical.

VDI Classroom Management for virtual and thin clients
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