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Personal Data Locker

Encrypted virtual drives that meet corporate privacy needs

Radix kSafe is an easy-to-use virtual locker that enables laptop users to protect precious data when operating outside the corporate security system or in cases where a laptop or flash disk is left unguarded. Radix kSafe secures data whether working at home, from a hotel room, passing airport security checkpoints and more.

ksafe personal encryption

Radix kSafe complements any data security plan and prevents damage and losses when your precious data falls into the wrong hands.


Working with kSafe is similar to working with a regular flash disk (Disk-On-Key). By simply plugging in a personal USB token, or hitting a hot key and typing a personal password, a user opens a virtual locker and works with it like a regular drive (G drive in the picture bellow). All files stored in a virtual locker are instantly encrypted on-the-fly.
By unplugging the token or clicking on the dismount button, the virtual drive is instantly dismounted and the virtual locker is closed and concealed.

Radix kSafe personal encryption

Ask yourself

  • In a high technology world, do you feel your confidential data is safely stored and protected?
  • What’s the extent of the damage if sensitive data falls into the wrong hands?

kSafe fully protects your data without reducing computing performance or conflicting with any other protection solution.


Virtual Lockers

Converts pre-determined disk space into encrypted files (virtual safes), enabling multiple virtual locker creation and operation within local and external hard disk drives, as well as on portable storage devices such as USB flash disks.


Data Security

Adds effective security layers, locks computers and prevents unauthorized access to data with a strong authentication system and optional data encryption algorithm.


Strong Data Encryption

Data stored in virtual lockers is encrypted ‘on-the-fly’ with an industry standard encryption algorithm. Accessing the encrypted data is only possible by authorized persons by plugging in a personal coded USB key (“what you have”) and/or typing a secret password (“what you know”).


Easy accessing and working with encrypted data

Accessing and working with data stored in virtual lockers is just like working with a regular flash disk (Disk-On-Key). By plugging in a personal USB key and/or typing a personal password, the locker instantly opens. Unplugging the key, automatically locks and hides all virtual lockers.


Lock PC encrypt USB token


Rescue Algorithm

Radix kSafe includes a unique rescue mechanism, enabling authorized access in case of a lost key or forgotten password, by requiring the simultaneous use of two independent keys. Virtual safe files are regular files and can be securely stored, saved, backed up, attached to an e-mail message as any regular file.