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Instant System and Software Recovery

Analysts point out that most computer and laptop failures are related to operating system and application malfunction. Even the most reliable computer system is subject to problems arising from user errors, viruses, system crashes, altered parameters and other unwanted changes. No matter what the environment – education, institution or business – the burden of responding to system malfunctions falls heavily on technical support personnel.



Radix’ SmartRecovery software restores system configurations and settings painlessly and in a matter of seconds. Your laptops and PC’s are protected from virus-infected downloads and threats that penetrate security layers. The risk of damage is eliminated in cases of crashes, accidental or unauthorized configuration changes, hardware setting changes, corrupt patches and user errors.

All Radix SmartRecovery models can be centrally managed by the Radix Device Management system and also installed as stand alone modules.

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PC Failure PC Reboot Instant Recovery Back to Work

 Administrators spotlight title

Main administrative features
  • Enable users to freely surf the web, open suspicious e-mails and experience new applications without fear of consequences
  • Protect the master system and software configuration and settings, while allowing users to install new applications
  • Restore system configurations immediately and eliminates all unwanted configuration changes
  • Remove spyware and new (zero day) viruses


Educators spotlight title

Educators, ask yourself:

  • Can your class meet curriculum targets following major system failures?
  • To what extent do system malfunctions disrupt your digital classroom?
  • Does downtime affect student attention and class motivation

Main education features

  • Enable teachers to instantly and automatically recover failed computers and laptops, without interrupting the class
  • Operate the classroom on temporary configurations (sandbox mode), restoring original configurations automatically on schedule or to a task-plan
  • Optimize classroom computers to curriculum by instantly switching between system configuration


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