GeoLock – track and lock missing tablets and smartphones (anti-theft solution for Android)

Tablets and smartphones are vulnerable to threats such as theft and loss. The ability to remotely lock a stolen or lost device is essential and also a common requirement in many projects.
The affordable Radix Geo Track & Lock system enables easy tracking and effective protection when your tablet or smartphone fall into the wrong hands. The protection remains even after tablet factory reset.
Radix GeoLock package includes:


  • Cloud based hosted system server, supporting up to 200K nodes per server
  • Device information and system administration
  • Device tracking by GPS, Cell data and Wi-Fi
  • Device locking and unlocking by remote commands
  • Wipe device data by remote command
  • Trigger an alarm from remote
    And more…




unlocked tablet screenshot small    locked tablet screenshot small




lock and track tablet android web map