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Child Protector

The Radix Smart Child Protector enables parents and teachers to protect and control children’s computer’s activity and filter their exposure to offensive content while using their computers and surfing the Internet. With just a few mouse clicks, parents or teachers can now enforce home policies and school’s disciplines, limit children’s activities and monitor children’s current or past activity even while staying away from home or classroom.

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Child ProtectorWhat Is the Radix Smart Child Protector?

The Radix Smart Child Protector provides a unique technology that effectively enforces appropriate computer usage by children and minimizes children’s exposure to inappropriate contents.


How does the Radix Smart Child Protector work?

The Radix Smart Child Protector constantly monitors the hard disk and the graphics controller and by using a revolutionary technology effectively blocks or limits certain applications and forcing selected procedures to comply with administrator’s pre-set rules.

Child Protector


Benefits from the Radix Smart Child Protector

Using the Radix Smart Child Protector, parents and teachers can be assured that children use their computers according to appropriate limitations and rules. They are also well protected from being exposed to offensive content even when surfing the Internet or using their computer without supervision at home or at school.

Main functions


  • Limit specific applications use to certain dates and time
  • Limit Internet access to certain time and duration
  • Lock selected applications, permanently or on schedule
  • Hide certain files/folders/applications from children
  • Lock/limit chatting and messaging


Filtering (optional)

  • Block access to inappropriate websites (porn, violence, etc.)
  • Suppress dirty words in text reading, editing, chat or Internet



  • Record frequent screenshots of running applications
  • Review websites visited, chats, e-mails and activities Instant Recovery


Download Radix Child Protector full functioning demo.