Broadcast teacher’s screen

The Radix SmartClass broadcasting feature allows the teacher to share his/her screen and display presentations on students’ devices at an extremely high speed and optimal quality. This allows the teacher to introduce a new activity to the classroom, for example teaching students to use an application that they are not familiar with, showing how to search efficiently, demonstrating how to create graphs etc. In addition the teacher can show a small group of students (either a little behind or more advanced), what to do next. For individual attention, the teacher can identify a struggling student and broadcast the teacher’s screen onto that specific student’s device. The teacher can walk the student through the teaching material slowly and step-by-step.

Providing students with a full-screen view of the teacher’s display opens the door to many new ways of more clearly explaining and demonstrating what are otherwise complicated learning processes.

Students are much less distracted when the teacher controls their screens, keeping their attention on-task. In this way they can best comprehend the learning material and retain the concepts taught in class.

The Radix SmartClass broadcasting feature uses the award winning Radix SapphireCast engine. This state-of-the-art screen sharing technology brings high quality, low latency and outstanding performance with one-to-one and one-to-many screen sharing capabilities. Radix SapphireCast engine is highly configurable, offering a perfect fit for different environments – such as changing Wi-Fi performance, tablet strength, number of devices on same network and so on. Features such as configuration of number of frames per second, frame compression and quality, bitrate, latency and more allow SapphireCast to deliver an enriched experience to teachers and students even when working on different network environments. With SapphireCast, the most technically intensive applications can be shared seamlessly, in real-time and in sync.

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