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Netpoint Manager – plugins- Windows Power Manage

Windows Power Manage plugin can apply a range of power tasks on clients.

A very popular example : A daily scheduled task for shutdown computers.



1. Common power tasks
Restart client – will force restart on client.

Shutdown client – will force shutdown on client .

Lock client

Log off client – will close all open applications and log off.

Suspend client – Will force suspend mode on client.

Hibernate client – Will force hibernation mode on client.

Wake on LAN client – Will turn on client.

Note : To apply hibernation, the Hibernation should be enabled on client.

If it is disabled the system will apply suspend mode.


2. Distributed wake on LAN client

This is a special task for turning on computers in different LAN.

It is essential to have at least one client online in that LAN. the task will apply on this client.

To apply that :

Open the “Distributed wake on LAN client” task from plugin menu.

Click the “Distributed wake on LAN client” tab.



To select the clients you want to turn on, click the “Edit list” button.


“Select clients” window is opens .

Select clients/groups to wake on and press the “OK” button.

Click on “Affected clients” button.

Select the Online client/s that will distribute the wake on LAN command.

Schedule it if needed.

Press the “Aplly” button.


3. Set power policy

It is a task for setting up the power policy on clients .

The power policy in client can be viewed in the control panel.

In Netpoint Manager it can be viewed in the client dashboard :


To set power policy :

Open the “set power policy” task from plugin menu.

select the power schema.

Fill in values in relevant fields.



Select clients . Schedule it if needed.

Click the “Apply” button.

A window will popup. Select “Yes” or “N” whether you want to save the scheme for future use.

In the next window press “Yes” button to apply the task .