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Netpoint Manager – Work Flow

Netpoint manager has the ability to create and run workflows of tasks .

WorkFlow is a task that runs a group of tasks, in specific sequence. every tasks starts at the end of the previous one.


For example : Workflow for Windows updates on SmartRecovery protected clients:

task 1 :  SmartRecovery – Disable the restore task.
task 2:   Windows update – Download and install updates.
task 3:   SmartRecovery – Take snapshot
task 4 :  SmartRecovery – Enable the restore task.


To apply a WorkFlow :

Click “Tools” –> “Work Flow”

Click “Work Flow” tab .

Select a task and drag it to the right side. a task window opens.

Edit the task properties and press the “OK” button.

Add more tasks as you need.


The sequence of the task can be changed by selecting a task and use the arrows buttons .

To delete a task press the delete button .

select clients . schedule it . press “Apply” button .