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Netpoint Manager – Tasks Management – Scheduling


Netpoint Manager allows you to schedule a task in some different types .

For example : you want to run a daily task , that will run at 23:00 , and will run every day up to a specific date ( like backup task , etc) .

On task window , press the “Schedule tasks” tab .
Task name : The system puts a default name contains task name+time. you can change it.


Scheduling options :

1. Combo box – the task can run one time , or repeat hourly,daily,weakly,monthly, or by custom interval of X minutes .
2. “Starting task now” – if it’s unchecked, you can input the starting time in “Perform task:” .
3. “Perform task forever” – if it’s unchecked, you can input the ending time in “Ending date:” .
Apply to offline :

By default, task will apply only to online clients (even if offline clients were also choosen).
If that option is checked the task will apply also to offline clients (naturally only if it get back online before the task should run) .
If “one time” and “starting task now” options are selected (that’s the default) , the task will run immediately when the offline client is connected again.

Timeout : Wait for offline clients to connect for X time .

Iteration TimeOut :

Wait for X time for the task to finish successfully. If the time passed before task finished it will output a time-out failue status in task history .