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Netpoint Manager – Remote Installation


With Remote installation you can install programs on clients computers.

The interface is very similar to the “Execute process” interface , except of some particular options.

The installation file can be downloaded from web server, or directly from your Netpoint server .
Note : If you want to download and install from your server, first you should upload the file to it .Use “File browser” and copy the file to “Filetransfer” directory .

1. Press “Tools” –> “Remote installation” .A new window opens.

Press on “Remote setup” tab .

2. If the installation file is in your server check the “Install from X.X.X.X” check box.

For installation from web server ,keep it unchecked.



3. Enter URL of the file :

If you install from web, enter the full web URL.

If you install from server, select the file from the combobox.

4. Fill in the arguments.

If you install from web ,type the web username+password in the relevant fields.


5. Select clients .Schedule it if you need.
Press the “Apply” Button.