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Netpoint Manager – Plugins – Blocker

The Blocker plugin allows to apply security policies on clients.


There are three kinds of policies:


1. Allowed drives: The system will allow the user to use only the specified drives. all other drives will be blocked. “Drives” includes disk partitions, CD and DVD, flash memory ,etc.

Note: When applying this policy, it will block also the network shares.


2. Network shares:  The system will allow or block external access to network shares, and inside access from network to local shares.


3. Network: Limit access to local or internet sites.



1. Creating Policy


Open the BlockerPI tab:

Click “View” –> “BlockerPI”

The BlockerPI tab opens.

To add a new policy click the “New” Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Blocker2 button.

To remove exist policy click the “Remove” Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Blocker3 button.

To edit exit policy , select it from list and edit the parameters.


Press the “new” button.

In the “Name” field give a name for the policy.


Config the requested policy:


Allowed Drives : check the drives to be allowed.

If you want to allow all drives check the “Allow all” check box.

For example:


Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Blocker3


In this example only C and D drives are allowed for user.


2. Block Network Share : Check it for network shares blocking.



3. Network : There are 4 types of policies:

Allow all, Block all, Block list only (“Black list”), and Allow list only (“White list”).


In order to apply “Black list” or “White list” first you should create the list:

Press the “Manage list” button.

The “Address List” windows opens.

Type in the sites list:

Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Blocker4

   You can use the “Import” button to import exist list from a text file.

   To save the list press the “Save” button.

To cancel changes press the “Cancel” button.

To remove sites from list, select them and press “Remove selected” button.


Check the relevant network policy:

Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Blocker6


At last, Press the “Save” button to save the policy.


2. Applying policy on clients

In order to apply a policy on client/s:

In the main menu press “Plugins” –> “BlockerPI” –> “Set policy”

Alternatively, press the “Set Policy” button Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Blocker7.

Press the “Set Policy” tab.

Select the relevant policy from the list:



Select clients, schedule it if needed, and press the “Apply” button.



3. View the client current policy


Open the “Clients” dashboard.

Point a client.

In the “Blocker” section you can see the current policy of the client:

Netpoint Manager - Plugins - Blocker9



4. Removing policy from clients

In order to remove the policy from client’s, just apply the “Allow all” built-in policy.