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Netpoint Manager – Agent update

Verify Agent version

There are 2 ways to view the Agent version

  1. On the “client extended data” panel, it is available when selecting one client and opening the “Clients” tab
  2. On the client list sorted by revision, it is available when selecting a group and opening the “Clients” tab


Updating the Agent

Agent can be updated in several different ways

1. Simply installing the new agent on top of the old agent, usually there is no need to remove the old agent

2. Update from remote

  1. Press “Tools” –> “Agent update”
  2. Select the clients to update
  3. Set the URL pointing to the new Agent installation file
  4. Click Apply
  5. The Agent update process will begine, client will disconnect then re-appear on the server with the new version


It is possible to update the agent and point the agent to a different server by selecting “set url” and pointing to a different server address.

Note! The server aggress must be the complete url address, not just the IP or the hostname