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NetPoint Manager Appliance Update step-by-step


Note! If you are not sure about any of the following steps, please contact Radix Support Team


Locating the right update file

When updating the RevServer, you must first verify that the current server build is related and is matching the update file.

The exact server build can be found on the right hand side of the header on the revolutions configuration screen


Transferring the update file to the server

Updating using the Web console

Go to the “software packages” section of the server Web console @

You will find several options to upload, download and install deb packages. If you already downloaded the deb file, you can chose to upload it to the server and install. If the deb file is still on the RevServer web repository, you can paste the link of the update file and have the RevServer download and install the package as shown on the picture bellow

Updating using the Linux console

Server update files are “.deb” packages. If you are familiar with Linux console commands you can use wget and dpkg commands to update the server

wget “”
dpkg -i yyy.deb


After the update the RevServer will be ready with all updates installed, there usually will be no need to restart the RevServer manually.

You can verify that the update was successful by checking the build number as done in the first step of this article