Easy Wireless Classroom

Tablet Classroom Management Software

Effectively manage your tablet classroom activities. Enrich the learning experience and keep a finger on the classroom pulse!

Radix SmartClass transforms students Android and Windows tablet into a rich 21st century learning environment. Students can easily connect their tablets to the classroom Wi-Fi network, while the teacher stays in control, using his own tablet or Laptop.
With SmartClass, all students' activities can be managed in the interests of learning – from the teacher’s Android or Windows mobile device, without requiring middleware server or hardware (peer-to-peer).

Wireless Classroom Connection

Cultivate and regulate an innovative wireless learning environment by effective mobile operations management across multiple classrooms.

Main Features
  • Review and choose a classroom by class name, teacher name or IP
  • Automatically connect mobile students to the right wireless classroom
  • Accept students attending the classroom
  • Map attending students name and location


Wireless school with multiple classroom diagram

   "Radix proves simple ideas can often be the best..." (PC PRO Magazine)

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R&D and Support
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About Radix

For over two decades Radix has developed unique system recovery, data encryption and device management solutions that made business operation, data security and business continuity easy, in businesses, corporate, government and financial organizations, and helped schools and universities to improve the learning process, manage and control classroom, coordinate students activities with laptops and tablets (BYOD), using the 21st century technology.

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