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Tablet Classroom Management Software

Effectively manage your tablet classroom activities. Enrich the learning experience and keep a finger on the classroom pulse!

Radix SmartClass transforms students Android and Windows tablet into a rich 21st century learning environment. Students can easily connect their tablets to the classroom Wi-Fi network, while the teacher stays in control, using his own tablet or Laptop.
With SmartClass, all students' activities can be managed in the interests of learning – from the teacher’s Android or Windows mobile device, without requiring middleware server or hardware (peer-to-peer).

Tablet Classroom Management Software

16 icon tablet Overview

Radix SmartClass enables teachers to coordinate mobile classroom activities using students’ laptops and tablets (BYOD): Enrich the learning experience and keep a finger on the classroom pulse, while keeping students on-task and ensuring they each receive the attention they need.

The following video demonstrations demonstrate the strong capabilities of the SmartClass engine, managing 43 assorted tablets of 8 different brands (including smartphones). As you can see, SmartClass effectively manages the differences in chipsets, CPU power and screen sizes.
















SmartClass tablet classroom management software new ios 

16 icon smartclass Functions



Broadcast teacher’s screen: Share continuous teacher's screen display with the students.

Broadcast video: Broadcast high quality stream of video and audio files in multiple format - directly to students to students screens, optimized to quality and speed.

Present a selected student's screen: Share selected student's screen with the class and remotely assist the presenting student during the presentation.

Apply on-screen annotation and attract students' attention.

Integrate with demonstration equipments available in the classroom, such as overhead projector and interactive whiteboard.





View attending students: View names and details of the attending students.

View students’ screens remotely: View all students' activities in real-time.

Cycle-view students' screens: View a cyclic slide-show of student full screens and set the cycle interval.

View students’ thumbnails: View student screens in small, scaleable thumbnails, on the teacher's screen.

View all running applications in student devices.




View students’ raised hands: Notice students who need attention and assist shay students and the students who most need help.

Open a collaborative whiteboard: Open an interactive whiteboard on students screens, enabling simultaneous collaborative work of the teacher and the students on the same virtual whiteboard.

Allow in-class chat and discussion center: Enable group and individual chat and discussion in the classroom.

Take full remote control over students' device: Work with or along side with the student for close attention and assistance.



Execute a pre-planned lesson agenda: Create and execute a pre-planned lesson agenda which is interactive and flexible, happening in real-time according to a pre-defined schedule. This includes timed operations on student tablets (i.e. screen broadcast, lock/unlock students tablets, etc.) and popup notifications for the teacher. For example, the teacher can create a lesson plan and will receive prompters - pop-up message reminders of the lesson subject, or key points to mention. Student tablets can be scheduled to be locked at certain points during the lesson for a frontal discussion, and then released, with a web page sent to all tablets, together with activity guidelines. One student screen can be chosen to be shared with the class for demonstration.

Open and co-browse web pages with students: Manages students' Internet activities. 

Display messages: Send on-screen pop-up messages to students' screens.

Lock student screens: Blank and lock students screens for attention. Release locked screen automatically after pre-set time interval or with a click of a button. 

Assess students' achievement: Execute pop quiz and analyze the results and statistics instantly.

Block Internet and certain applications.



Turn student devices on and off remotely.

Restart students devices remotely.

Log on/off student devices remotely.

Auto reconnect students to the class network.

Send and collect files to and from the students.

Install applications remotely.

View battery status.

Workout technical issues remotely.


16 settings Technology

Peer-to-peer: Simply connecting to the Wi-Fi to work without requiring any extra hardware, server or software. The tablets themselves become the matrix of the classroom, with no barrier between the classroom technology and the students. This creates a very reliable, convenient and cost effective solution for schools.

Unified interface: All teacher functions are operated from a single very easy-to-use interface. Teachers don’t have to toggle between different applications to get everything done, whether monitoring, collaborative whiteboard work, file distribution, locking internet or tablets, quizzes and more. This not only makes life simpler for teachers but also saves precious class time.

Moodle plug-in: Plug-in with the schools Learning Management System (LMS). This means that all student details can be seen from the software, for example integrating test results with the student account. Here SmartClass provides the option to connect with a centralized server in order to combine pedagogic and administrative information, effectively functioning as a platform to update or add learner information to the LMS.

Easy logistics: Install teacher and student app on the same tablet.

Multi lingual: Support English, Spanish, French, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and more…

Track & lock: Track lost or stolen tablets and lock them out. This powerful, cloud based tool can survive factory reset.


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Radix SmartClass - 20 Students + 1 Teacher license


Operating system:  16 icon android Android /   16 icon win8 Windows 

Number of students: 20

buynow_buttonIncludes a free teacher software

Price per classroom: $580.00




Radix SmartClass - 1 Student or 1 Teacher license


Operating system:  16 icon android Android /   16 icon win8 Windows

buynow_buttonNumber of licenses: 1

Price per user: $29.00



Prices do not include local taxes, shipping charges or technical support. Service and support pack is available for purchase at extra charge. The online store is operated by Digital River Inc.





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