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Tablet Classroom Management Software

Effectively manage your tablet classroom activities. Enrich the learning experience and keep a finger on the classroom pulse!

Radix SmartClass transforms students Android and Windows tablet into a rich 21st century learning environment. Students can easily connect their tablets (Android, Windows and iOS) to the classroom Wi-Fi network, while the teacher stays in control, using his own tablet or Laptop.


SmartClass selected features

Some of the SmartClass main features grouped into categories. Radix puts extra attantion to technology which is dificult to emphasize in as a feature. Watch our videos to fully understand the technical capabilities of Radix SmartClass




4-tablets-screen broadcast

Broadcast teacher’s screen

Share continuous teacher's screen display with the students in very high speed, quality and overall performance (See more on the SapphireCast screen sharing engine)

Broadcast video

Broadcast high quality stream of video and audio files in multiple format - directly to students to students screens, optimized to quality and speed.

Present a selected student's screen

Share selected student's screen with the class and remotely assist the presenting student during the presentation.

Apply on-screen annotation

and attract students' attention.

Integrate with demonstration equipments

available in the classroom, such as overhead projector and interactive whiteboard.



Observe and control


View attending students

View and save names and details of the attending students.

View and control students’ screens remotely

View all students' activities in real-time and take remote control to work along-side the users.

Cycle-view students' screens - slideshow

View a cyclic slide-show of student full screens and set the cycle interval.

View students’ thumbnails

View student screens in small, scaleable thumbnails, on the teacher's screen.

View all running applications

in student devices.




4-tablets shared whiteboard

Co-brose e-books

Teacher and students can co-browse e-books, the teacher can force a selected page and force students to the selected page

Co-browse the internet

Browse the internet along-side the students. Teacher can share and force a web page

View students’ raised hands

Notice students who need attention and assist shay students and the students who most need help.

Open a collaborative whiteboard

Open an interactive whiteboard on students screens, enabling simultaneous collaborative work of the teacher and the students on the same virtual whiteboard.

Allow in-class chat and discussion center

Enable group and individual chat and discussion in the classroom.

Take full remote control over students' device

Work on remote devices along-side or instead of the student for close attention and assistance.



Management functions

Software integrity protection

Protect the teacher and student application from being stopped or uninstalled by using a password

Power management

Remotely Log-off and Log-on, Shut-down, Restart, Sleep, Wake-up students tablets

Password protection

Protect the studet and teacher loging and usage by a password

Set student name

Teacher can set a student name remotely

Remote install apps

Remotely install applications on student tablets

Device information

Display the student device information such as battery state, IP, hardware ID and more

Remote settings

Remotely set configure and force all student-side settings centrally

Disconnect and Lock-in students

Disconnect unwanted students from the classroom and disable classroom changing on student side




Integrating with existing classroom technologies and keeping a finger on the classroom pulse by checking what has been understood and what stage of learning the students are at. These functions also engage the class by changing the pace or style of learning to keep things interesting, adding another facility to the teacher’s toolbox

  • Run a pop-up quiz
  • Run a survey
  • Run an exam
  • Get instant results
  • Get statistics
  • Export results and statistics
Radix smartclass v3 09



smartclass Screens shot tiles adnroid



 Visit our Youtube channel and take a look at the advanced functionality of SmartClass in realtime


SmartClass introduction video

SmartClass short introduction demo video in a mixed classroom environment.

Play video

43 devices demo video

SmartClass demo with 43 assorted Android devices, using a low cost WiFi network.

Play video

Radix SapphireCast™ engine

SapphireCast™ is the most advanst screen cast engine suporting Android and Windows

Play video

More Radix videos on YouTube 




Screen Sharing Engine

Featuring the award winning Radix SapphireCast engine, allowing state of the art screen sharing technology with very high quality, low latency and outstanding performance One-to-One and One-to-Many screen sharing capabilities. Radix SapphireCast engine is highly configurable, allowing a perfect fit to different environments such as changing WiFi performance, tablet strength, number of devices on same network and so on. Configuration of number of frames per second, frame compression and quality, bitrate, latency and more, allows SapphireCast to deliver a wonderful experience to teachers and students even on different network environments.


Simply connecting to the Wi-Fi to work without requiring any extra hardware, server or software. The tablets themselves become the matrix of the classroom, with no barrier between the classroom technology and the students. This creates a very reliable, convenient and cost effective solution for schools.

Unified interface

All teacher functions are operated from a single very easy-to-use interface. Teachers don’t have to toggle between different applications to get everything done, whether monitoring, collaborative whiteboard work, file distribution, locking internet or tablets, quizzes and more. This not only makes life simpler for teachers but also saves precious class time.

LMS plug-in and SDK

Plug-in with the schools Learning Management System (LMS). Develop your own plugin or interface to SmartClass using the fully featured SDK (Software Developer Kit), allowing comprehensive integration with any 3rd party platform. This is extremely important for project leaders and decision makers, knowing that the SmartClass platform can be extended and enhanced by 3rd party developers.

Easy logistics

Integrate Radix SmartClass into your tablets' firmware during factory production. Install teacher and student app on the same tablet for easy volume projects logistics

Multi-platform support

Supporting Windows, Android and iOS in the same classroom


Interface supporting the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Thai, Chinese Simplified and traditional, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Slovak Albanian and more… 

usa spain france italy greece thailand china taiwan japan korea brazil israel russia ukraine vietnam turkeyslovakiaalbania



Download SmartClass

Download a copy of SmartClass for Android, Windows or iOS



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