Radix VISO device management is named finalist for the GESS Education award 2017

GESS 2017

We are delighted to announce that Radix Viso Device Management is GESS Education Awards 2017 finalist. We thank the esteemed judges for selecting us for the category of Best Paid for ICT / App Product



We live in a world where many educators believe textbooks’ days are numbered, making the need for a complete digital device management platform more pertinent than ever. 75% of teachers, according to Dellloite 2016 Digital Education Survey, believe that digital learning will totally replace printed textbooks within the next 10 years. However, to optimize and safeguard the use of mobile devices in education requires collaboration between governing bodies, teachers, technical administrators, and parents. Radix comprehensive Mobile Device Management solution recognizes and unites these four key stakeholders in the mobile device learning cycle.

Parents, educators, administrators and managers join forces to create a safe and enriched online learning horizon. The comprehensive Radix VISO solution creates a true learning partnership between home and school, while streamlining and expanding mobile device access and management.

  • Educators enrich the learning experience in and outside their classrooms. With one finger on the classroom pulse at all times, teachers can simplify digital classroom management, ensuring their students enjoy the benefits of mobile learning while staying on-task.
  • Administrators, faced with supporting the snowballing trend of BYOD or school subsidized technologies, can centrally and securely manage thousands of roaming devices, providing support in real-time and well beyond local network boundaries.
  • Parents become engaged and co-facilitators of a transparent digital learning process, always able to see what screens their children work on, effectively closing the cyber gap between parents, teachers and students.
  • Managers gain access to high resolution, targeted management reports which quality their decision making and verify ROI for investments made in each school.

The digital education ecosystem has expanded to encompass students’ school, community and home life. Ensuring students’ welfare and learning potential online, Radix offers a platform for all stakeholders to collaborate and make the most of available 21st century education resources.

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